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This edition will present four days rich in events for professionals and for the community, and it will introduce new activities in order to highlight theatre for young audiences, its important educational role and its artistic dimension. In our programme you will find shows for every kind of audiences, for instance we are going to host our first international show, Swift by Skappa. We find it very important, because a show  for young audiences is first of all a show and there is no limit of age to appreciate it. The festival focuses on different topics that concern the present, the future, the emotional dimension, and the new theatrical languages, where poetry and technology can work together, where the actors’ powerfulness can find its natural way of expression. In this festival, many productions will  be performed for the first time in Italy and every show will be followed by debates and discussions that we consider necessary.


Enjoy the festival!

Renata Coluccini, Giuditta Mingucci